K-9 Protection Training for Dogs in Monmouth, IL

Cedar Creek Kennels LLC offers green dogs for selection testing, dual-purpose trained dogs for either narcotics or explosives detection and single-purpose detection dogs. Our dogs are imported from the Netherlands through our valued partner. Cedar Creek Kennels LLC prides itself on dogs that are social and display strong drives needed for police and military applications in Monmouth, Warren County, Kirkwood, Coldbrook, and Galesburg, IL.

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Cedar Creek Kennels LLC was born from a love and passion of training elite police and military K-9 teams. We guarantee our dogs to be the best and most successful police K-9 teams in the United States. With close to 60 years of Law Enforcement and Elite Military handling and training experience, our protection training for dogs is second to none. Our trainers have trained hundreds of police and military dog teams in multiple countries around the globe. The team at Cedar Creek Kennels LLC knows what it takes to train and provide the best possible police and military K-9 teams.

From their years of combined knowledge and experience, the team at Cedar Creek have developed protection training for dogs not seen anywhere else in the United States which distinguishes Cedar Creek Kennels LLC from all other training establishments. Don’t forget about our boarding services as well.

All dogs come with an extensive health and workability warranty.

Protection Training for Dogs

Basic Handler Course Dual Purpose-10 weeks

Single Purpose Handler Course- 5 weeks

Our basic dual purpose handlers course is a demanding course conducted over 10 weeks. Our comprehensive course has been developed to cover all aspects of working a police K-9 to the highest level. The courses includes:

  • Narcotics searching in residential, commercial and vehicle scenarios.
  • Advanced tracking in all operational environments including hard surface tracking.
  • Searching for suspects in all operational environments including advanced building searching techniques.
  • Property and evidence searching
  • Obedience and control
  • Handler Protection and criminal apprehension
  • Agility

Our training course is scenario-based and has been developed and modeled after real-world K-9 deployments. The course is unique to Cedar Creek Kennels LLC and is not seen anywhere else in the United States.

Basic Tracking Course 5 Day

Are you or one of your handlers struggling to track a single 100-yard track or are you never locating any suspects. You may be lacking the basic tracking fundamentals. Our basic tracking course will get you going and concentrates on basic tracking skills such as line handling and line control.

Advanced Tracking Course 5 Day

This advanced tracking course concentrates on tracking in an urban and residential environment. This course will enhance your line handling and line control skills as well as developing your skills in casting techniques, hard surface tracking and general skills while out tracking in an urban environment.

Patrol officer and 911 operator course/1 day. In this course, we will come to your department and train your patrol officers and 911 operators in how they can assist your K-9 teams while they are out on their deployments. Their role is extremely important to the success of any K-9 deployment. We tell teach your officers how a police K-9 works as well as how they can assist by establishing perimeters and preserving the scene.

Matt Greenlief

Title: Owner Cedar Creek Kennels LLC

Matt Greenlief started his law enforcement career in June of 2006 with the Warren County Sheriff’s Office in Monmouth Illinois. In 2007 Matt was selected to become the canine handler for the Warren County Sheriff’s Office and received his handler certification in March of 2007. Matt worked his first canine until December of 2014. During that time Matt and his canine partner were responsible for over 300 arrests, drug seizures, and currency seizures. Matt and his canine assisted the United States Marshall’s Service, ATF, DEA and multiple State Police Task Forces. Successfully locating wanted suspects or suspects who had fled from crime scenes quickly gained respect from numerous surrounding department heads. In 2015 Matt completed his second multi-purpose canine handlers course as well as a ten-week canine trainers course and received his second canine. During that time the canine team has been responsible for over 100’s of arrests and apprehensions of violent wanted offenders. With the achievement of obtaining the canine trainers certification Matt has trained well over 500 Law Enforcement Officers and active duty military members from various agencies and services across the United States.

In 2015 Matt was also certified by the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board as a Canine Trainer. In 2019 Matt was selected by the State of Illinois Mobile Training Unit 4 as the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board Canine Odor Recognition Assessor.

Torrin Lomax

Title: Head Trainer

Torrin Lomax retired US Army and serve with the special forces for 14 years. Shortly after 911 the need for canines to be organic to the special forces groups arose he played an executed numerous combat missions in support of operation Iraqi freedom operation enduring freedom Afghanistan in operation enduring freedom in the Philippines he has trained hundreds of handlers and thousands of canines for use with special forces Army Rangers marine special operations command law Enforcement and search and rescue.

Torrin is well-versed in basic canine behavior, tracking, obedience, odor detection, and basic handler protection tracking. Torrin has traveled the United States in the world to learn and train with the best.